Autism & Perception

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The concept in psychology that I think I'll remember five years from now is the video about autistic children. I absolutely fell in love with its idea. I could not believe that with consistent attention, those children got so much better and the evidence was so obvious. They were a mess before and it seemed they were not even aware of their surroundings like their parents and even food. I am still amazed at how much better the children acted with positive reinforcements. It also seemed that the best reinforces were based off of love, like a smile or a hug. Another item from this class that will stick with me will be the discussions about perception and going through the many different pictures of illusions.
I loved how some sidewalk chalk artist would draw completely 3-D images on the 2-D streets. I did so many double-takes because I could not see how it was actually on the ground. The artists were very amazing. I think it is cool how we know how our brains are flawed. We get "tricked" when we see things that don't make sense. We all perceive differently which makes life different for everyone. I liked connecting what we learned in the book to how it applies to the real world.


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That autism video impacted me as well! It makes me think like if there is so much improvement, you would think we would want to use the treatment for every autistic child, right? I thought it was amazing that all that was needed was persistence, care, and love, and it made a huge difference. The illusions are always fun too, I guess I never realized they were actually a part of psychology. I guess in the real world though, just like in an illiusion, our minds fill in the blanks, intertwining almost everything with the oh so vast topic of psychology.

I also really liked the Autism video! It's always nice to see a success story especially when it impacts so much of one's life. My nephew is on the autism spectrum and it made me change my approach to rewarding his 'good' behavior. Hugs not drugs!

Almost everyone in this class could most likely say that they know a child affected with some type of autism. I had no clue how many individuals were affect by this disorder, and the extreme escalation in the past 20 years. It was amazing to me how that with constant treatment children can improve consistently over time. But even more and amazing to me was how within a short amount of time that treatment is not consistently given, the improvement is not present. I hope within the next generation a better, more definite treatment is discovered conceding the autism disorder.

Autism is truly an awesome disorder. I have an 10 year old cousin who has it and he is the most inspirational person ever. He was able to read at age 2 and finished all of the harry potter books by age 8. He can even tell you the differences from the books and the movies. He build age 18+ lego sets without the instructions too. He is truly a blessing.

Autism is a very difficult thing to deal with for those families to deal with. I think if they had the ability to constantly provide positive reinforcement for their children, they would benefit was more. But this isn't always possible with all of the daily routines of life already set into place. For the illusions, they will always impress me. My brother is getting his masters in art and I am just jealous of all of the things that can be accomplished with art!

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