Average? Or Extraordinary?

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I wanted to touch on something that really got my attention in a recent discussion. We talked about how based on looks, an individual is likely to pick another individual and find him or her attractive if that person is actually more average looking. I disagree with this statement that we found in our text book. I understand that the statistics might indicate and point to the fact that majority of individuals prefer an average looking person. However, I do believe that people have their very own ideas and features that they find attractive, which could be far from average. I truly believe that people want something different and extraordinary than what they see on an "average" person. What do you think? Do you prefer and average person, or someone who may have a not so ordinary trait such as longer hair or thinner nose or possibly eyes that are spread a little further apart than usual? I for one believe that everyone has their own unique features that they value and find attractive, and that you cannot simply say we prefer the "average".


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I mean statistically they may say we prefer the average, but in reality, not every can like average, because not everyone is average. I'm on the same page as you in saying that a lot of people have different unique features they find attractive. Saying we prefer the average is too big of a generalization to simply just state and leave as is. I definitely say it really just depends on who you are and what personal tastes you have.

Average people are a dime a dozen. I agree with you that different is better. I find that people who aren't mainstream individual's are more exciting and colorful, don't you? Besides, if it weren't for those "extraordinary" people who, might I add, come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, would make this world such an interesting place? It takes all kinds of people.

I think that statistically we are said to prefer the average face because in all fairness, if you see a person with an "average" face you have to at least acknowledge their attractiveness. So I think that because we have to acknowledge that, it causes those statistics. However, I do not feel the statistics can fully take in everyone's different desires for the more "exotic" looking people who we may actually find more attractive than the average. This is because I think it is easy to find the average attractive but when it comes to the more exotic looking people it comes to personal likes. So statistically, yes we technically like the average, but in reality we have personal preferences that cause us to be more attracted to those with more exotic features.

I agree with you. I am, in my mind, not attracted to the "average" person. I like when someone has something unique about them. I think people who stand out catch my eye more. Sometimes my friends and I agree that a guy is attractive and sometimes we don't. I think that just shows how we each do search for something different in people. My best friend and I always joke that we'll never have to fight over a guy because we never think the same guy looks attractive. I do see where the "average" person is statistically the person that everyone is attracted to, because most people in the world are average. There lies another question though, what do we consider average? If you don't catch my eye on the street, does that mean you're average? If you wear the same clothes I do? I think everyone's definition of average is different too. Great topic choice. It's a hard concept to think about because there are so many factors that play into it.

The average person maybe statistically more attractive, just because there are so many of them. Just because they look average doesn't mean they are not attractive, so it is more likely to think an average person is attractive because there everywhere. I would have to say at times I would think an average person is attractive, but usually try to identify certain things that are attractive to me personally. These things usually jump out at me right away so it doesn't take much looking, but if an average person is standing next to a person with these qualities, then they are not that attractive by comparison.

You may have misunderstood the text slightly here Phil in the way you interpret average. The text, I believe, is referring to the averaging or blending of faces like I showed the class on the website that could combine two or more faces into a single face.

This tends to wash out all the imperfections and makes skin smoother, eyes and ears more symetrical which generally appears more pleasing.

I agree that people have their own preferences and that a unique facial feature can be appealing to some and less so to others. I think we tend to find what is familiar attractive but only our heart knows what we truely find sexy.

I myself judge my future mates on personality to start. Then I take in whether or not they are attractive or see things I can sacrifice for their wonderful personalities. I tend to lean more towards the "pretty-boy type" but I find myself crushing on a multitude of different looking men. The average-ness of the face does not particularily play a role in my book.

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