Dogs VS. Cats

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I found a snippet in the Lilienfeld text that discussed personality traits that are associated with dog & cat people. Dog people are personal, outgoing, fun people where as, cat people are quiet, a bit neurotic, and like to be alone. As I relate this information to myself without a doubt, I'm considered to be a "dog person". Like the personality traits of a typical dog person I love to explore and be around people.

I also acknowledge that my own life experiences have played into the fondness I have for these wet-nosed friends. Since I was a child I've had positive experiences with dogs. The very first dog I encountered was my grandparent's dog, Griffin. He let me play with him, even if I pulled his tail. My grandparents also had a cat named Katze. Katze didn't have Griffin's disposition at all. He would claw me if I tried to play with him & screech at me if I tried to hold him. The negative experiences I had with this cat tainted my future encounters with these felines.


When I was in fourth grade my family got my dog Duncan. He and I hit it off right away. His personality was very agreeable and he was always ready to play. Duncan would follow me around and always greet me at the door when I came home. Like most dog owners, I felt a connection to him unlike any bond I had with a human. Even when Duncan became an old dog he still showed the same affection towards me as he did when he was a puppy.

Despite my own personal preference between dogs or cats, I believe that any pet is a good pet to have. They bring out the best characteristics people and always keep you company especially when life gets tough.

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