Drugs, Drugs and More Drugs

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Psychology is a very broad field and offers a large amount of information that can be learned at various times. The spectrum spans from the nature vs. nurture debate all the way to classical conditioning. Choosing a concept that I will remember five years from now was pretty difficult to do because there are so many and I would like to remember everything from psychology. But this could never be done completely!


I choose to remember drugs, not that they are good, but because of all the bad things that can arise from them. I hope to use the information gained in psychology to make wise decisions in the future about whether to take them or not. Stimulants, such as nicotine has been around for a long time and is legal. But if this drug is used in excess over long periods of time, it can have harmful side effects. Narcotics are around to relieve pain and induce sleep so they are relatively common, especially if I choose to go into a healthcare field. A majority of narcotics can be abused and very harmful to the user however. Lastly, I need to be weary of psychedelics. These hallucinogens can produce alterations of the mind and could lead to some bad decision-making. LSD trips have been known to ruin people's lives.

Drugs have been and will continue to be out there in today's modern world. There will continue to be alterations to them and some will become even more dangerous. How can we as psychologists, use our skills to fight against them? Are there good, illegal, drugs out there?


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Drugs have been and will continue to be out there in today's modern world. We can't stop that process but we can try to prevent our closet people from using that destructive substances.

Yes, drugs with always be out there, and even when one drug is combated, another will pop up or continue to thrive. But I think we, regardless of being a psychologist or not, can make sure people are aware of the effects of drugs, and are aware that there is help available. Any drug, legal or illegal, has its pros and cons. They may be good as in they make you feel good or produce the effects that are being sought out, but in reality, no drug can truly be safe. The proof for that is the side effects on every OTC drug or the story in the paper of yet another death caused or contributed to by drugs. I do agree though that drugs are one very important thing to remember!

I am alright with saying that I at one time believed that drugs were a good thing and that they should be legal in all forms. I thought that it was up to the person to decide what they wanted to do with their lives. I was wrong, very wrong. When one startes taking drugs they are never thinking about what could happen with continued use, they are just trying to experience the high. As I continued to be around more and more people that used I realized what a waste of time and money they are. I have watched people waste away their potential by throwing away athletic scholarships and also education at prestigious universities. In the most grim case someone very close to me took their life because of drugs. It is important that people are educated on what drugs can actually do to you. I have gone from a skeptic to a believer.

Drugs are a very interesting device in human psychology. It can comment on someone's character when they abuse it, and addictions are an extremely interesting. But there will always be temptations in the world, theres no way to avoid it. At the same time it's interesting the psychology behind people who don't use. Some because of their morals, some because their smart, and some because their just plain scared.

I think problems regarding drug abuse needed to be strongly taken care of by government, especially illegal drug abuse. Because drug abuse could cause many social problems. government needs to find education and prevention programs for people at high rick for substance abuse. In addition, if the government programs show the effectiveness of other treatments rather than drug treatment, people could be encouraged not to abuse the drugs.

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