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We all have emotions, the main 7 being happy, sad, angry, contempt, fear, surprise, and disgust. We can be happy and on top of the world, or sad and feel like nothing will ever get better. Most of our emotions can be described without words and with our body language. But in the recent years, our society is increasingly moving towards text messaging and email, and away from face-to-face communication. We show emotions through things like USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS to express anger or excitement, or short answers like "k"to show something might be wrong. But we also use emoticons to show how we feel. the problem with them is does a simple face made of simples really get across the point of how we are feeling? Given a simple smile, :) , many things could be interpreted. smilies-emoticons.jpg

Emoticons have their pros, such as acting as almost a substitute ( a weak one) to body language, but at the same time, emoticons take away from writing how you actually feel. As we move more and more towards text communication, what do you think is the biggest consequence? Do you think text and email communication impair our abilities to communicate in person?


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Yes Emily, I do think it takes away from face to face communication since we relay on the subtle cues to infer what people really feel about what they are saying. Texting is a great way to get in touch with people, coordinate plans and ask quick questions. I would avoid texting much information that requires serious thinking or involves sensitive emotions and do this face to face.

I do believe that it effects our communication skills not only in person but through emails or other forms of formal communication. People of our generation don't have as good as communication skills as those of our parents. My parents actually comment on this daily, that I don't know how to communicate. This is because we don't calling me, it is so much easier to text. But in the real world we will all need to know the good communication skills.

Life is known to adapt so why wouldn't it adapt to technology? It's only natural that through the new medium of the internet more nonverbal forms of communication would appear. As time goes on I'm sure there will be more nonverbal cues over the internet.

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