Enough is Enough

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As our school year windes down to the end it is quite obvious that many of us have had enough learning for one year and may need a break. I have been thinking about his idea for a couple weeks now because i have found it harder and harder to study or learn new material. I feel as if my brain is full for the time being. I guess what I want to know is if there is anything in our brain that makes it harder and harder to learn as the school year goes on? Is it lack of focus? A unique case? Or does this happen to everyone?

After searching the web I was asked myself these questions:
Are we too used to our environment?
Do we need to switch our place of study?
Are we addicted to the internet?

There was not much else on the web besides people telling others with this problem to just try harder. I believe that can help but I honestly want to know if there is something biologically in our brain that makes it harder to learn after learning for a long period of time? Please tell me what you all think?


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I dont believe there is anything in our brain, Geri, that impacts the amount we learn over a long period of time. I think what happens with people experiencing something similar as yourself is that, as the weather and such gets nicer and signs of summer begin appearing, you lose all motivation. Its understandable though since almost everyone is thinking about summer at this point, but the years almost done, so that should be your main focus until the end. Kind of interesting though.

Not sure if there is any good studies to refer you to here Joseph. I think students grow fatigued as the semester goes on. People do a lot of socializing and then they get behind in their work.

Students also have to read and study all the time to do well. This takes planning and discipline to get it done. The best thing you can do is spread the learning out over time. The brain gets tired quickly and most people can only study efficiently for a couple of hours at a time.

I think the part of the brain responsible for boredom is responsible for this also. I did a Google search and found that boredom is associated with the prefrontal cortex. As the semester proceeds, with the nice weather out there you don't want to waste it indoors studying. So we are torn between our commitment to study and our urge to have fun. We can move studying outdoors but then we know how productive that will be! Whenever I am debating on this state, I always used to think that going to a school which had quarter system would have been better. You can just get done with a course in less than three months. Wouldn't that be better?

Boredom, distractions, minesweeper, face book, sunshine.. I think these are the culprits of diminishing attention and ability to focus! At least for me they are. I personally think it is harder to learn over a longer period of time, but a simpler explanation could just be due to the fact that summer is approaching. Venka056 brought up the quarter system. I wonder if that would be more effective. Deadlines would definitely be tighter, which might actually be helpful because I know I personally work better under stress. As for the end of this year, there is a little less than two weeks left, you can do it!

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