IQ Score Matter?

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The term IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, generally explains a score on a test that rates the subject's cognitive ability. I remember that I took an IQ test when I was in the middle school. At that time, I believe that the high IQ is the most important factor to be outstanding compared to other students in academic performance. However, there were some exception cases; my teacher mentioned that she was surprised to see that some students with the low IQ score were very good at other mathematics tests.
I still somewhat believe that there is a bit correlation between IQ and job performance. In addition, it is mentioned in the Chapter 9 that IQ scores predict performance across a wide variety of occupations, with the average correlation about 0.5. In addition the correlation between IQ and job performance is even higher among the jobs that require more mentally demanding occupations such as physician or lawyer. Many psychological studies support the correlation between a high IQ score and performance at work. From my experience, I observe that employers, especially in companies in Korea, frequently use the IQ score or a score on a test that the companies develop to identify the best candidates.

However, some people argue that the IQ score is not an absolute factor that can decide performance at work. In addition, they argue that there are other sociological factors such as personality, peer relation and communication skills besides the IQ scores might be playing a bigger role in performance at work.
Do you think that high IQ scores mostly matter to achieve better work performance? Or other sociological factors mostly matter?
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I think this topic is very interesting. I think to answer the question you are asking you really need to know what kind of job we are talking about. I think IQ scores would have a positive relationship with work performance if the job is one that involves alot of critical thinking and not as much people skills. Jobs like working in a science lab would correlate positively with IQ scores. On the other hand a social worker needs to have better people skills than a high IQ, in this case I feel that IQ would have no correlation with work performance.

IQ is an interesting subject when it comes to work performance. A high IQ should obviously have a positive correlation with more critical and analytical jobs that require higher mental abilities. Where this may true in a lot of cases, I think that if you have a balance between your IQ and or sociological factors that make up your emotional intelligence, you do not necessarily have to be the smartest person. If you have an average IQ and a good emotional base, then that should be enough to be able to perform those higher thinking jobs.

It completely depends on the type of job. If it is a job that requires learning a very complex thing, such as a computer programmer, then I believe that an IQ test could definitely correlate with job performance. If it is a job that requires more personal interaction and adaptation to things like a person's body, such as a physical therapist, then IQ is not necessarily a good indicator. Someone that just knows people and how the body works can be great PTs without having a high IQ. There are much more important things in the work force than IQ. If you cannot interact with people or adapt to situations, then IQ is nearly useless.

Regardless of the career, IQ does in fact make a difference in my opinion. Because IQ tests evaluate the mind's capacities and efficiencies, it will gauge whether or not an individual will be able to adapt to new things and learn new things well. For any job you are required to adapt to new stimuli and you have challenges that you must learn to overcome. Also, to beat out other candidates you must have adept knowledge in said subject area and if you scored highly on an IQ test then chances are you an elevated learner; therefore, making you more prepared for any field. I will answer the questions; however, and say that it is not the MOST important thing when evaluating employees, based on the range of career types (some being more personal/less analytical than others), but I will say it is underestimated at times.

I think that in order to succeed at a job you need to have all the qualities pointed out. Your need to be smart enough for the job (IQ), have an awesome personality, and be well versed in social situations and have social skills. There is not a test for classifying people into categories determining how they act in different social contexts. I personally do not think the IQ test should be used in the hiring process because a lot of the people are not immediately smart at something. It takes time to hone skills. What if the smartest person in the world has really bad test anxiety? How do you account for this nervousness on a test? I also think that the main reason interviews are done is to see how the person presents him/herself. Hiring places should not use the IQ test only as a hiring criteria.

I believe that IQ matters a great deal in job success and for other life outcomes such as health and well being. The better our minds are at solving problems and integrating and using complex information, the better our chances at finding a good job and generally becoming a useful citizen.

That being said, I also feel that personality plays a big part in how well we can use our intelligence for good things, for goals that benefit more than just our own self-interests. An intelligent person is nothing without the ability to communicate ideas successfully to others, without the ability to gain the trust and support of others.

An intelligent person will also not be very successful if they cannot focus and organize their ideas. If they do not wish to work hard or are willing to try new things or entertain ideas that are different from their own.

Intelligence is difficult to measure and people will always argue about the validity of IQ tests, but I believe it is hard to dispute that intelligence is perhaps a human's most valuable trait.

As i do believe that IQ has a lot to do with the "value" of your brain, for lack of a better word, it doesn't nessacarily fit into the "system" for instance Albert Einstein struggled in school, yet he was one of the smartest men there is. One of the reasons that a lot of people try business is because their simply not good at anything else, and there are more classified geniuses in business then there even is in science.

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