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This psychology class has taught me a great deal about a range of topics including memory, emotions, stress, sleep, and IQ, to name a few. I believe a lot of what I will remember about psychology in five years will have to do with sleep cycles, stress, and emotion. These topics particularly stuck out to me due to my interest in these subjects. They personally relate to my life because I love sleeping, I am an emotional person, and I am constantly trying to better myself with handling my stress.


For sleep, it is important for me to understand how much sleep I need per night (8-10 hours now) because I like being awake and alert for my whole day. It is a priority of mine to stay healthy both emotionally and physically, and sleep plays a factor into both. Emotions are very interesting to me. The fact that you are born with specific emotions already is especially intriguing to me. I want to work in the neonatal unit of a hospital when I am older so the section on babies and emotions is an unforgettable one for me. Lastly, I will remember the section on stress the most. I am a person who does not deal well with stress. I often become irrational when placed in situations I am anxious. The part of the chapter discussing how people need to accept the circumstances they are in and then realize they are not able to change them or their feelings about the situation really helps my perspective on handling my anxiety. I feel as though this chapter will especially stick in my life due to the fact that the information may help me in my everyday life. Overall, I am so happy I took this class and learned all the new, interesting facts that I did.


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I also found these topics interesting. I found the fact that in order for a person aound our age to be at their full potential during the day the optimal amount of sleep is 8-10 hours. I usually only get between 5-6 so this was a big eye opener for me. I also found learning about stress to be very helpful. I to am not the best at dealing with stress but the textbook gave some good suggestions on how to deal with it more effectively. I have been trying to use these in my everyday life and so far I have noticed a difference. I no longer feel so anxious when put in stressful situations.

I found this interesting also. The fact that people are suppose to get 8-10 hours a sleep every night is so bizarre because who has the time. I love my sleep but in order to do well in school and get everything done I need to in a day I don't get close to this much sleep. As a college student, stress is my middle name. I would love to learn new ways of coping with my stress just because is something i deal with a daily basis. I feel that these topics will be very relateable in the next 5 years.

I really liked this topic as well. I know that I need more sleep but I tend to ignore the fact because I focus better on my homework at night. Just an FYI - a good way to deal with stress is exercise. For the time being anyway. Go for a daily jog or take a class like yoga, can't hurt to try!

Sleep and stress are also difficulties for me as well, especially during finals week. I was extremely surprised to find that for college students to perform as their highest capacity, 8-10 hours of sleep is needed per night. I rarely ever get this amount of sleep, even on weekends. I have not found that this lack of sleep has derailed my learning during classes. With reading about techniques to and ways to get more sleep and lessen stress, I found it to be easier to read and less likely to be achievable. Although every week I find myself striving to get more sleep, I find myself distracted by homework or other activities. Since I am not extremely affected by lack of sleep I find no desire to get extra sleep when I have homework assignments unfinished.

I'm with you. I love sleeping, am very emotional, and try to find new ways of handling stress all the time. I NEED at least 8 hours of sleep to function fully. I haven't been getting that amount of sleep at college and it has affected me negatively. Since I don't get my required sleep amount, I take naps during the day, which then leads me to not feel tired when I need to go to bed...so I stay up and, once again, don't get enough sleep. The cycle, then, just repeats itself.
Stress is also a big factor in how much I sleep and how well I function throughout the day. I have become a lot better at my stress management, but I need to remind myself that I always need to be aware of my stress level and take care of it accordingly.

I am with you. I need sleep, am very emotional, and am usually stressed about one thing or another.
College has really screwed up my sleep schedule. This is due to many factors.
1. I don't do my homework in a timely fashion which causes me to stay up late. I don't start my homework because I'm doing something on facebook or going to a campus event or chatting with my roommate. Who knows where the time really goes, but it's gone way too fast.
2. The day after I stay up late I need a nap...and then the cycle begins again.
Another big part of my life is stress. I have become a lot better at dealing with my stress levels than I ever used to be. I used to be stressed all the time but I have learned a lot of coping strategies and I just have to remember to stay on top of my stress and handle it accordingly.

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