Notable Abnormality

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The most interesting aspect of this class in my opinion has been the recent subject of abnormal psych, dealing with mental disabilities and what is considered as "abnormal". I always considered the words abnormal and normal obsolete; Normal is just a setting on a washing machine anyway.
But some of the cases we seen in discussion, such as the man dealing with schizophrenia breaks my heart. When I was watching the video, the main thing going through my mind was how his mother must have felt, because she had to watch her son fight through delusions and what he believed to be people out to get him.
The reason the abnormal psych part of this class will be the one I most likely remember the best in 5 years is mainly because it hits home for me. I have a brother with bipolar and there are many other extended family members who would be considered to have some of the conditions described in the abnormal psych section. I tend to remember the things I am most interested in, so the abnormal psych topic will be the most prevalent one that this course has taught me about and that I will remember best.

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Notable Abnormality - Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012 Read More


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"Normal is just a setting on a washing machine anyway" -- I love this! I find that society likes to dictate what is normal and what is not....sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

I love your comparison to the washing machine. So true. I completely agree with the "normal" fact as well. I feel like the society is trying way to hard to shape what the normal person SHOULD be. I know I am not the most convential thinker and partake in some odd festivities but I consider myself to be normal. I'm just different. But ask my roommate that same question. You'll get a different answer.

I never really thought about this as being something I would remember forever. I think it is because I rarely see things as "abnormal" anyway. I personally don't understand how someone could be labeled a certain way and have it actually stick in society. In my world, something that is abnormal or unnatural may be completely normal for you in your world. I have an autistic cousin and 2 autistic friends and while they all very in severity, I know that at least two of them see no difference in themselves and others. Along with this, you would not know one was autistic unless you were told; you would just think they were younger than they actually were. The schizophrenic doesn't break my heart, it is how people judge and make fun of people they view as different that breaks my heart.

I agree that things that touch home are some of the things that we remember the best. If a family member is a part of a demographic group one would, more than likely, be apt to defend and relate with. The normal and abnormal settings are pretty vague and do not go into the depth needed to describe disorders. There are many different underlying causes that others may not have the ability to related to whatsoever.

This is one of the reasons that I have a problem with psychology being considered a science. It's trying to quantify and label things that can't, and shouldn't be labeled. By putting people into groups such as normal and abnormal, it's taking away from the the randomness and unpredictability of the human experience. Categorizing people has always been a very touchy subject for me as we aren't object to observed and understood.

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