Oh Memories.

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The amount of things I am going to learn in school during the next few years is going to be so vast that what I have learned in psych will probably take a review to remember for the most part. There is one topic I will almost surely never forget, and that is the concept of universal adaptability. In all reality, it will be the small parenting section mostly.


I may not be having children in five years, so this will be remembered a little further on. But when I have children I will make sure to try and keep their universal adaptability alive. On top of this, I will for sure remember the different parenting styles. I think this is partly because I have already learned the parenting styles in a separate class and they are already stuck in my brain. Also, when I have kids I would like them to have the greatest opportunities possible. Because of this, I think if I can make it easier for my children to detect different sounds it may be easier to adapt to different languages and therefore increase their chances to learn and use the languages further expanding opportunities for jobs and enjoying travel.


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First off, totally unrelated to content, I really like the style of your blog. It catches the eye! Second, I Thought the universal adaptivity was one of the coolest concepts and it makes me wonder why we WOULDNT want to keep that alive. The capacity of knowledge we have compared to what we actually take in is so huge! We only process so much, but if we kept universal adaptivity alive, I cannot even imagine the possibilities children would have!

I also really liked the universal adaptivity concept and parenting styles. I feel that is a useful topic for all of us in the years to come due to starting families. The way a child is raised affects their outcome in life in the future years greatly. children will have so many opportunities in the future world if universal adaptivity is kept open for them.

I will always remember that section too. It was very intriguing to me because of how my parents raised me. I related that section a lot to my life which helped ingrain it in my memory. I will probably look back at this semester when I am older with children and try to base my parenting style off of the authoritative style.

Great blog content! I have rarely seen the use of color and its brightens and makes this blog more desirable to read already. With the concept of Universal Adaptability and parenting styles, I found that this aspect will also effect my parenting style as well someday. This topic taught me to instill in my child a more cultural aspect of their upbringing. As a child my family took yearly vacations, usually to different regions of the United States, but occasionally out of the country. Even though I still bug my parents about how I don't remember most of the vacations, I know they had an impact on my upbringing. Even within America there are so many different cultures represented. Growing up in the Midwest, most children are only exposed to one mainstream culture. I am so thankful my parents decided to expose their children to different regions and cultures, and I will definitely continue this example with my own children.

By the way, I really love your colorful fonts. It was the best design blog ever. Because of the concept, universal adaptivity, the early education is very important and it usually has a great impact on children. In addition, depending on what kind of parenting style the children have gone through, the children could have different opportunities in the future.

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