One of the oldest debates in psychology, which side are you on?

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Nature Vs. Nurture, we all have our opinion on what this phrase means to us and what side of the debate we feel is most influential to our daily lives. For me this will forever be a fight inside my head to pick the ultimate factor in the person you become. Each person may be affected differently which complicates the debate even further. nature_vs_nurture2.jpg Looking into this further I find myself being able to generally define whether the traits of yourself come from nature or nurture. For example, most physical features are from genetics and therefore nature. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I find that your personality and language type come from being around your parents and peers, this is therefore nurture. These generalizations could also get controversial though because are all of your features and your appearance based off of nature or are some of them, such as obesity, due to nurture? Another twist to this debate is, where do our parents get their nurturing skills? Is this through nature from their lives? And if so does that mean the link continues and nature dictates all? These questions could continue on. I feel that this is why I will always remember this concept, it is something that will continue to ponder in everyone's heads and will be carried with us for longer than even five years.


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I think that both nurture and nature factors influence on personal traits. My mom said that physically, I look very similar to my dad when he was around my age, but the personality between me and my dad is a bit different. For example, my dad was a quiet person according to my mom and he mentioned that he had developed his quiet personality because my dad had grown up under authoritarian family environment. It might be true that there is some level of correlation between personality and genetic factors. However, neither one of them can make an absolute impact on the development of personal traits.

I don't think the matter is of whether its nature or nurture the is completely responsible for our personal traits. Instead I beleive it is a combination of both. I think that the answer for how much each plays a role in personality traits differs from one individual to the next. For one individual it may be that nurture is the main cause for the personality traits they contain. For another it may be excactly the opposite.

I also will continue to ponder this concept. Due to twin studies, I do believe that nature definitely plays a role in developing many traits, but I also believe nurture plays a role in how a person develops. Parenting definitely factors into it but also the environment you grow up in as well as who you choose to be your friends. If you choose friends who take drugs, you are more likely to take drugs yourself. I think how a person turns out depends on so many factors that it can't just be generalized into nature and nurture.

I want to say that physical appearance and body is completely nature and personality traits are completely nurture, but I cannot completely embrace that. Obviously your appearance can change with nurture, like weight loss/gain, height due to nutrition, etc, but I also believe that personality traits are at least predisposed by nature. There are cases of criminals coming from good homes with good upbringings. Their parents probably did teach them the difference between right and wrong and were very loving. While these cases are few and far between, they still occur. I think our entire makeup, both physical and mental, is a combination of nature and nurture.

Great generalizations and questions being asked. This is also one of the main topics that caught my attention throughout this semester of psychology. I definitely agree with you that nature and nurture are both present in our physical appearance and personality. Many of the question that define nurture as a part of physical appearance will continue to go unanswered, unless an obesity gene is suddenly discovered. The aspect of genetics(nature) in personality(nurture) is immensely supported with the Twin(MZ) studies. Therefore, I believe that nature and nurture both affect a person's personality and, at this time, the physical appearance of a person as well.

Many of our characteristics are definitely inherited through genes. Mostly appearance and general habits. I feel that our environment shapes who we will become greatly as well though. It just depends what personality traits we have that will either motivate us or not.

Personally, I think that nurture is a cheap way of dismissing actions. While your environment might make you take certain actions, it doesn't define who you are, assuming that you have strong character.

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