Remembering Perception

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I would have to say that the most interesting and perhaps relevant thing I will remember from this course is the concept of perceiving. It amazes me that our eyes only relay information to our brain and it is truly our brain which interprets and does all the work for us. Furthermore we can perceive things differently than other individuals based on our individual unique processes of thoughts. Many of the tricks that our mind can play on us are seen and perceived the same person to person but interestingly enough, some things are interpreted different by different people. I like to think that the most fun and interesting thing is that our mind can play tricks on us based on what we expect to see.

I think I will always think back to this class when I come across the topic of perception in the future.


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I find this really interesting too and somewhat hard to wrap my mind around. Our brains do tricky things and no one's brains are alike. I like that aspect about each of us as an individual. My brain is most likely interpreting something completely different from yours when looking at this picture your posted. It is fun to play mind games with this picture and other illusions like it.

This blog caught my eye right away when i saw the heading of perception and then the photo that really makes your brain think. I liked how this was set up and was backed up visually with the picture and it bring me back to when were were searching in class for photos like this.

I really like the idea of perception as well. Especially in the color aspect! What some people think is blue, another may find to be a purple. Also, what people THINK they remember about a memory and what actually happened is quite an interesting process as well.

You're right, perception is a very intriguing topic. My favorite example of perception is that chalk guy's drawings. The way the pictures are taken I actually sometimes believe they are real until I realize they were drawn by a guy with incredible artistic talent. Another perception picture I really enjoyed was the dice triangle where you cannot tell where it starts or finishes or if it lays or stands. There was some talk about it being done with paper and being drawn but I don't think we ever really came to figure out how exactly the dice were set. This is a very cool picture to portray your topic.

The perception qualities in everyday life are crazy when we stumble upon them. They are also actually really neat. They stretch our brain to do things that is not comfortable with. In everyday life our brain has to deal with millions of perceptions to get the right thing down. My brother is going to school for his masters in art and I think he can understand this stuff way better than I can being a biology major!

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