Stamp Out Stigma- The U of M Offers FREE Services!

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I think most American's feel that there is a stigma around psychological disorders. People think that they are weak or may seem weak if they seek help for mental illnesses. I, personally, have not been affected by a mental disorder myself or known someone personally with a mental disorder. Although, after learning the statistics, I'm sure that I must know someone who has a psychological disorder. People actively seek medical attention for physical ailments, so we, as a society, need to start getting help for psychological disorders.

Being at a large public university, there are many resources at our disposal. Two resources that would be beneficial for students struggling with mental disorders is the Boynton Health Service Mental Health Clinic or University Counseling & Consulting Services. If you are a student or employee of the U of M, these services are free! I feel that the U of M should do a better job of making students aware of their services. I think that college students are at risk of mental illnesses because college years are a major transition in most people's lives. Students should not feel shame for seeking out help for the disorders.

mental_health_awareness.jpgMay happens to be Mental Health Awareness month! I think that everyone in Psych 1001, after learning about the different psychological disorders, should try and stamp out the stigma of mental health disorders and encourage people to seek help for mental disorders!


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This post is spot on. I think there is a negative stigma put on people with a mental disorder. Most I beleive are embarressed of their disease. In reality there is absoltely no reason for them to feel this way. They should seek help just as if someone who had just broken their leg does. A person struggling with a mental disorder should have nothing to be embarressed about and people need to learn to be more understanding towards these people. When this happens I believe people will be more open to getting help for their disorder.

Great topic for the last blog, especially as we all wrap up the ending of the school year. As everyone knows, students start to get especially stressed out during finals week. This stress could be the start of an anxiety attack or depression. Jhon mentioned how the University has many opportunities for those seeking help to seek out. This may be the case with some psychology disorders, but what about with those students especially struggling with addiction. I was just reading an article in the Daily, "Back where it started: addiction on campus", that our University (the 4th largest in the nation) has little more that a small student-lead group for recovering addicts. I believe that addiction to various drugs is one of the most difficult psychological disorders people (especially students) suffer from. As a concerned University student, I think something should be done to combat the threat of addiction.

It is an interesting point. If you have no legs you get a wheelchair, but if you have a mental disorder you may not want to admit it to yourself, because you're afraid of being weak. As a man with no legs needs a wheelchair, people with mental disorders need help.

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