The Battle Against Ignorance

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There are several things throughout this psychology course that I believe will linger with me for many years to come, but I think the most valuable and probably most simplistic concept that will remain a part of my arsenal is the idea that correlation does not equal causation. This idea is one of the founding scientific thinking principles, and it applies to an astonishing number of debates and events throughout one's lifetime. I'm confident it will be something I use to reconcile one's logic with in the future, because just this week I was presented with the topic of explicit gangsta rap music and its negative impact on the youth of America. There's an argument that these lyrics containing graphic lyrics depicting gang-banging, sex, drugs and violence, are the cause of the actions of adolescents associated with these types of activities. I believe, however, that the gangsta rap genre is in general of most appeal to the types of people Gangsta Rap.jpgcausation. It's these types of discussions and situations in which I find myself latching onto ideas learned from my psychology course thus far. I will always be an analytical thinker, and this principle will aid me in the battle against ignorance.


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Great post! Correlation vs. Causation was probably the topic most brought up in psychology. It apllies to just about every aspect of science. This topic I think is overlooked many times in everyday life. I think people just assume that since two things appear to be related that automatically one caused the other. If everyone was to get a quick lesson on correlation vs. causation I think the general population would be much less judgemental and more open minded.

I agree with you. I had never discussed the topic of correlation vs. causation until this course and it has surprised me how many events take place that apply to this way of thinking. Just because two things correlate, doesn't mean they have the same cause. I also agree with the previous post. If people learned this lesson, people would be less judgmental. I think too many people rely on assumption, instead of taking every aspect of the situation into consideration.

This is a very good point, a lot of people these days what something to blame their actions on, turning themselves into a victim, ether by society, their parents or whatever else they can think of. But just because theres correlation in someones life doesn't mean that it's nessacarly what caused it.

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