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I took the Implicit Association Test, called the IAT, and my results were interesting. First of all, this kind of tests determines if you personally associate one topic with another. This was mentioned in the chapter 13 reading of social psychology. In the book, people were associating happy vs bad words with the faces of black vs white people. The book found that most caucasians that competed the test associated the happy words with the own group (white) and associated the bad words with the out group (black). This test is used to determine quick and implicit decriminations. Because I knew what this test was testing for I think I had an unfair advantage of knowing too much before I took the test.
First, I had to fill out a survey addressing a number of things about myself like my religious views, my ethnicity and so on. Then another survey came up that asked me various questions about how I feel about the future and the past. I am an anxious person so I always worry about the future. In questions about the future I answered, "feels worried about," "is anxious for" etc. For questions asking about my past I answered,"enjoys most," "past fun memories" etc. Then I actually took the test. When a happy word or a past word (yesterday, last year) was present I would hit one button and when a sad word or a future word (tomorrow, next week) was presnt then I would hit a different button. This seemed easier to me because I have more happy memories of the past (associated together) and more anxious feeling to the future (associated together). Then they switched the topics around: this button for sad or past words and this button for happy or present words.
MY FINAL RESULTS: Your data suggest little to no automatic association between Future and Happy.
I did not expect this because I do really get anxious about the future, a lot. One problem I had during the test was that I was suppose to go as fast as I could and that distracted me from getting the right answer all the time.
For those who want to try this out the link is: Implicit Association Test How did you do? What were your results? Did you think the test correctly describes you? The test only took me FIVE MINUTES so it won't take long.
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Cool that you took the IAT Fallon. It is a little confusing at first and that might explain why you did not get the results you expected.

You might want to try it a few more times to get the hang of it and then try different categories. You will see that some associations are more difficult to make than others and this reflects a more implicit, automatic or even emotional connection that we have for these different groups and concepts.

The important thing to remember is that we all have these deeper level biases that we are not aware of and that most of us are capable of controlling these feelings in a socially acceptable, moral and compassionate way.

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