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Psychology proved to be one of my favorite classes this semester but the topic that was most intriguing to myself would have to be conformity. Conformity refers to altering your behavior because of group pressures or to fit into a stereotype that you want to be apart of. I always thought it was interesting how people can let this happen and stray away from what they think is right or wrong based on external influences, such as people. The Asch study made the event of conformity even more ridiculous when a test subject would give the wrong answer because the rest of the group did, even when they knew it to be wrong.
I never have thought of myself as one to conform when in reality I probably do it regularly. I always believe that my behavior is consistent with who I represent myself as and not what others are influencing it to be. Although this may be true sometimes, when looking at the people I surround myself with I will often conform to the behaviors of my friends and the groups I am apart of. Although it makes sense to have similar tendencies and behaviors as your friend group the result can be a cross group deindividuation. What I mean by this is that people who become to comfortable in the group there in will end up always going with the flow of others around them, resulting in not necessarily a loss of identity, but a change of identity that is similar to those you surround yourself with on a regular basis. This is not a bad thing, but what I believe is that people should never limit themselves to a certain group of people, especially if they have a negative influence on you. CHANGE IS GOOD and helps you develop into a more concrete individual by learning to step outside your comfort zone and do something completely different then what your regular friends would.


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Conforming in today's culture I think is necessary, to an extent, and omnipresent. When we come to college everyone wants to be their own person but also wants to make friends. They want to put on a good first expression so they adapt to the situation and try to act how they think they are supposed to act. Conforming has its pros and cons like anything else. If an event is not particularly positive one should not conform to the bad ways. If something is going on in life and you really enjoy it, conforming might be for the best. This will make you more fitting in that certain group but you can still benefit from it.

I think for one to be truly successful in their life endeavors they have to be willing to be a leader. This means not conforming to what everyone is telling them to do. I believe conformity has alot to do with a person's self confidence, a person who lacks in this area is more likely to conform. A person needs to be willing to stand for what they believe in no matter what other people are saying.

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