Week 10 Make-up Blog: Ironic Development

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The other day my roommate and I went on YouTube and looked up all of the theme songs to the shows we watched as little girls. I knew almost all of the words to every song. That right there is evidence that I probably spent too much time in front of the TV as a little girl. I do remember my parents limiting my "TV time", but usually I could watch TV whenever I wanted to. When I was in elementary school my mom was a stay-at-home mom. I think that helped me when it came to interactions with people and creative outlets. Mom did a great job of taking us to the park, coming up with crafts, going on bike rides, going to the pool, really anything that kept us active.


With all of the technology available today I can totally see why children might get too much exposure to television. My first instinct, when babysitting, when a kid started to cry was to plop them in front of their favorite cartoon. It usually calmed them down. It's sad that that is what calms kids down instead of human interaction.
I also think kids do learn a lot more valuable lessons from people than TV. Real life is a much better educator than a television screen. The TV really does discriminate between genders. When I would watch Saturday morning cartoons, I always wanted the toys displayed in the girly commercials, not the boys.
I think if kids spend more time with people in their lives, instead of TV, they will be more open-minded and active.

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