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Ghajini memory loss

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Ghajini is Indian movie which is similar to Memento.According to the movie, the protagonist Sanjay Singhania's (Aamir Khan) is suffering from anterograde amnesia. so he tattoos himself and takes notes and pictures of everybody he meets in daily life in order to recall that person again and if he doesn't remember you which he wont, he will remove his pile of pictures from his pocket and try to see if he knows you. Sanyay's anterograde condition kicks in every 15 minutes, which means he remember things for a limited time frame of 15 minutes only. His memory needs refreshing after that time limit, therefore the tattoos, the scribbled notes and the Polaroid shots. He doesn't actually remember his girl Asin's - death. He comes to know of it when he reads the tattoos on his body every morning after he wakes up.Now here start the list of questions: How does he remember to read or write out those notes? How does he remember to take Polaroid pictures? How is anterograde amnesia different from amnesia and how are the two different from Alzheimer's, which also causes memory loss? Most importantly, if the guy can't remember anything beyond 15 minutes, how the heck does he remember he has anterograde amnesia? Of course, he has his scribbled notes and tattoos to rely on when he gets up in the morning, but he does spend quite some time outside his house spells that go far beyond 15 minutes, trying to track down the killer. so if you are his enemy and he tries to kill, just run away for 15 minutes and comeback , he wont even know you. Here is a clip from the movie.

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