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Writing1: Nature vs Nurture

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As I went through the book, the most interesting concept captured my mind was the debate about nature versus nurture. Everyone might know that this is one of the oldest debates in psychology, and the answer for the question has never been decided. In brief summarization, the nature-nurture debate is a concern that which of the following affect individuals' personality, intelligence, and mental thoughts more; innate qualities (genes) or raising environments. I am pretty sure that both of them have enough logical arguments, and that means that both of them actually have decisive influence on one's human being. However, if I have to support one concept, I would like to choose "nature."
The reason why I choose nature is this: I have friends who are identical twins. They actually have same appearances, so it is not easy to distinguish them by face or looks. Because they are twins, they raised up in exactly the same way in the same environment with the same parents. They did everything together and got same education. Even more, their mom put the same clothes on them every single day when they were young. However, their personalities and intelligence were perfectly opposite from each other. One has very active personality and the other has introspective personality. So, even though they grew up in same environment, one used to have a lot of friends and the other one does not. In addition, one of the twins, who is real introvert, is remarkable learner, but the other is not even interested in studying. Through them, I realized that innate factors are strongly affect in human. I think that there is no answer for this debate, and this debate will never be done. But it is important to debate more and more about the problems and get more logical evidences through them.


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