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Numerous sources today bombard new parents with information about the "correct" environment to raise their children. These sources prey on the anxieties of the parents to provide the best environment for their children. I have learned in psychology that it does not take the perfect environment for a child to thrive all it takes is a "good" environment. As long as the child has the essentials of food, clothes, shelter, and love the children are likely to thrive. Couple-Swinging-Child5.jpgThe area parents need to concern themselves with is being as consistent as possible and trying to be as authoritative as possible. This means being both demanding and responsive to the child. Authoritative parents allow their child to develop on their own but sets limits and provide encouragement to the child every step of the way. Being an authoritative parent will allow your child to mature and gain self-confidence. When it comes to raising children it is not about being perfect but rather about being consistent and providing the essentials a child needs to thrive. What do you think is the most important aspect of parenting? Do you agree/disagree with anything in this entry?

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