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Chapter 1 focuses mostly on how psychology and scientific studies go together as one. The great theoretical frameworks of psychology is something that caught my attention. After reading about all five of these theoretical perspectives and finding out that there really is no right answer I came to my own conclusion. Cognitivsm makes the most sense when looking at the other four. Cognitive psychology talks about how thinking affects our behavior in big ways. To me whenever you do anything you think about it first. Should I go out with my friends tonight and skip my homework? I'm tired do I really need to go to class?


These are things we think about not really vocalize and which answer you pick whether it is right or wrong affects your behavior. It could start a trend of not going to class or just always skipping your homework for your friends. In the book it also describes how this approaching is striving today and that it has spread to different areas of research. Problem solving, memory and language are just a few of the new areas of research. The other thing I thought was interesting is thinking about how we all have a different sense of reward and punishment in the same situation. For example two students take a test and both get a B+. One student might be so excited because they don't normally do well on test but the other who always gets A's is going to be disappointed. This is due to them thinking in different ways what this grade means to them. This was a great example I got from the book.

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