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Change Ahead

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change-management1.jpg Chapter 10 focuses on Human Development, and provides insight and answers on major questions like: how do we change, and why? The developing body, mind, and personality are all topics covered in this chapter.

Development of the mind, in my opinion, is one of the most interesting topics to look at. One interesting thing covered under this topic are Piaget's Cognitive Stages, which explain how the mind develops and changes over four stages.

The Preoperational stage is the second stage includes children from two years old until about seven years old. Have you ever talked with a kid between the ages of two and seven? If so, you've probably heard some pretty funny and interesting responses.

One of my favorite conversations was with a little girl in an elementary class that I was helping out with. In the middle of a math assignment, she came up to me, and out of no where decided to tell me about her popsicle that melted the night before. I don't know how she got on the subject of popsicles or how exactly that relates to Piaget's stages, but finding out more about the development of the mind will be interesting, as well as the development of the human body and personality.

I do wonder, though, why do we sometimes say random things and give unrelated responses? It isn't only children who give random responses. Adults do to, and it will be interesting to find out why!

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