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From the briefest of looks, chapter 13 looks awfully dry compared to topics such as emotion or psychological disorders. It's solely about social psychology; the study of how people influence others' behavior, beliefs, and attitudes. When further explored, it talks about the need to fit in, brainwashing, obedience, altruism, aggression and much more dealing with attitudes and personality. Which, after thinking about it, makes sense. These are all factors that pressure us to become who we are.


For example, if you were walking down the street and a man attacked you at gun point, you'd want many people around able to come to your aide, correct? Not always. In many situations there can actually be danger in numbers, not safety. Just as in the case of Kitty Genovese. She had roughly 30 "bystanders" that heard her cries while a man repeatedly stabbed her, however not even half called the police to come to her aide. My question to you is, would you actually do something? Would you actually risk your own safety to come to the aid of a random stranger? Honestly, I am not quite sure I'd jump in to try and stop an attacker. I'm five three and not as strong as I'd like to pretend to be, I'd probably just end up being another victim. Yet, I know I'd call the cops or seek help to stop the aggressor, no doubt about that. How far would you go to help?

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