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Nature Vs. Nurture, we all have our opinion on what this phrase means to us and what side of the debate we feel is most influential to our daily lives. For me this will forever be a fight inside my head to pick the ultimate factor in the person you become. Each person may be affected differently which complicates the debate even further. nature_vs_nurture2.jpg Looking into this further I find myself being able to generally define whether the traits of yourself come from nature or nurture. For example, most physical features are from genetics and therefore nature. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I find that your personality and language type come from being around your parents and peers, this is therefore nurture. These generalizations could also get controversial though because are all of your features and your appearance based off of nature or are some of them, such as obesity, due to nurture? Another twist to this debate is, where do our parents get their nurturing skills? Is this through nature from their lives? And if so does that mean the link continues and nature dictates all? These questions could continue on. I feel that this is why I will always remember this concept, it is something that will continue to ponder in everyone's heads and will be carried with us for longer than even five years.
Permissive is exactly how I would explain my parents parenting style throughout my childhood years. Not the permissive style that Regina George's mom from Mean Girls takes in this video here. My parents took a more subtle approach.
For me, I would like to think, that I turned out just fine and scraped by with a few minor bumps and bruises. My parents never thought that grounding me would be beneficial. This may be to the fact that both my parents were rebels and their parents punishing them only forced them to break the rules even further. This leaves me to believe that my parents not punishing me lead myself to think that I have my parents trust and I wasn't willing to break that. My parents seemed to think this technique worked great for me so they carried it onto my sister three years later. This didn't seem to go over as smoothly with her as it did for me. My sister continues to be the rebel that my parents were afraid to find from punishing. She is very different than me and this just shows that maybe there are different ways that suit each person and not just one single "just right" method. How did your parents raise you? Do you believe that theres a technique for every personality? (blog for 4/25 discussion)

After talking about the affects on children from violent television shows in discussion it raised another question in my head, "Does technology in general harm children and introduce them to something that has the possibility to allow the child to grow up different than the norm?" My youngest cousin. Easton, may know how to play a variety of iPhone apps such as angry birds better than I would ever be able to. Is he missing out on other things that I had in my childhood? Or are they gaining knowledge for the future that will help them advance? I believe that with the technology used in today's work force having these skills may help the younger generation succeed and even create their own new inventions to better all different things around the world. This article lays out just how far the generation gap is. They mention the age that they received their first cell phone. My younger cousins are getting cell phones for their 10th and 11th birthdays. kid_with_cell_phone.jpgI received my first cell phone when I was 13 for sports/rides purposes, and that was young for most people. Does this change the freedom of children during their middle school years? Having a phone comes with a lot more opportunities to go places without supervision and may be a rival hypothesis towards the fact of violence coming from video games and other television shows.

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