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You Are Not Alone!

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On a day-to-day basis people deal with making decision, whether they are influenced by others or not. I feel that five years from now the idea of social influence and social psychology will stick with me.

Unconsciously, fellow peers influence people's decisions. We often conform (tendency of people to alter their behavior as a result of group pressure) or obey in order to avoid being the odd one out. In our culture, Americans do not like to be singled out. We often loose our identity (or deindividuation: tendency of people to engage in uncharacteristic behavior when they are stripped of their usual identities) and morals just to hide ourselves and agree with others. This leads to another idea called groupthink: emphasis on group unanimity at the expense of critical thinking. Americans like to get things done in the fastest and easiest way possible, so if everyone agrees the job will get done. This is not always the most effective way with the greatest turn out though.

Take a minute and think about it....
How many times have you made a decision that was not fully and truly your decision? How many times have you worked in a group and people all just agree with one person's ideas to get the job done faster and possibly not to the full potential?

I feel that this is not only an issue now in all our lives but will be in years to come. As we graduate and make our way into the working field, we are all going to have big decisions that need to be made on our own. We will also work in several groups to get tasks completed. We need to keep in mind who we are individually and what we believe in. This is the only way to be true to ourselves and fair to all other people.


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