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To Do Or Not To Do?

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When was the last time you put off something? Was it this Blog assignment? Well if it was then your not the only one. Chapter 6 talks briefly about procrastination, and how it can be


The method proposed by David Premack in 1965 states that if an individual thinks about activities they do more often such as; playing a sport, going out, or eating a dessert and perform them only after they have done your homework or assignments.
This is an example of Operant Conditioning which states that

learning is controlled by the consequence after an organism's behavior.

The word organism is used because researchers have used many different organisms to test operant conditioning. The action that follows can be positive or negative to enforce or prohibit the behavior that proceeded the consequence.


As children we are often rewarded for our successes or disciplined for our bad behavior. Especially in school operant conditioning is apparent, such as when students achieve high markings on a test or do well in a sport. They are rewarded with a trophy or a document stating that they did well. In the other end, when students behave in an inappropriate way they are sent to the principal's office or are sent to detention to show that they aren't allowed to act in that way.

My question is then, why are there students that are continuously sent to detention or the principal's office if the action is meant as a way of discipline? Have you been to detention numerous time even though after each time your parents lectured you about your behavior?

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