New spreadsheets related to livestock manure handling economics

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Last year retired extension educator Bob Koehler, applied economics graduate student Will Meland, and I developed a spreadsheet we called MANURWKST.XLS for determining and maximizing the fertilizer value of livestock manure.

MANURWKST.XLS was used in around 25 educational workshops around Minnesota last year and more are going on this year. One minor issue that came up recently in discussions with the dairy extension group was that the default data in MANURWKST.XLS relates to a swine situation. While the point of a spreadsheet is for the user to enter their own data, and MANURWKST.XLS can be used for swine, dairy, beef, or poultry, it is useful to have default data that relates to the user's own situation to use as a starting point. So, I have added a second version, MANURWKST_DAIRY.XLS, with a dairy scenario.

While most of the interest in manure handling economics appears to be about its fertilizer value, some users are interested in calculating the cost of distributing and applying liquid and dry manure with different types of equipment. I recently posted a companion spreadsheet, MANURCST.XLS for doing these cost calculations. It can be used for three types of equipment: 1) dry manure, 2) liquid manure applied with a tank applicator, and 3) liquid manure applied with a drag hose system. Costs can also be calculated for an agitation pump and tractor for liquid manure, or a loader tractor or skidsteer for dry manure. Separate nurse tanks and satellite storage tanks in the field can also be costed out.

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