October 15, 2008

Web Conferencing

I enjoyed trying out some of the different features of this. Am planning to take the sessions at Fall Conference on this also I can be more proficient. As a regional 4-H Staff we are planning to use this more because of the amount of time each of us has to spend on the road to attend planning meetings. We think this will work to meet wome of our needs. I have attended several conferences using this method, but never initiated. I'm much braver now to attempt.


Forgot to do a blog for this....I have some feeds, my hardest thing to do is to remember to check on them. One feature I do not like is that when I open them up and look, but don't get through them all, they are gone when i go back....


I have enjoyed this learning opportunity. Presently the lesson I've used the most is the photos & videos, but also am going to try more of the blogginng -- maybe a 4-H Camp Blog!! Before taking I didn't realize there were so many options in these areas of communication. I'm must less afraid to try them now!! I liked the pace of the course and am not able to offer any suggestions for improvement or future topics at this time.

THANKS for giving us this opportunity to expand our knowledge and awareness of these topics.!!


something that I could use in a short check in with staff (all connecting at the same time), but I currently prefer using the webcame.

I have used IM - MSN - worked slick to communicate with my small circle of guests.

It's probably my age, but I prefer to talk to someone in person, and not have to decifer the writing codes.

Social Networking

Although I personally do not have a MySpace of Face Book account my children do. I do know that the youth who participate in some of our trainings and leadership opportunities do tell each other that they have an account, they share info and keep track of each other through them.

My daughter told me I was too old to have a My Space account and I just laughed at her!!

October 2, 2008

Productivity Tools

This was fun to learn about. I currently use UMCal, but not the lists. I tried Picnik - including editing pictures on Flickr, can see how I could use Doodle, and also Tadalist. -- especially to keep my grocery/shopping list as I sometimes want to shop after work but forgot my list -- could also start the christmas idea list early@@


4-H has used...I'm thinking that we have an upcoming project that I'll try this with my time in creating some materials for use in our programing.


Not something I'm into using currently. Maybe someother time....

September 26, 2008

I used FLICKR!!

After taking more than 150 pictures of the champions and reserve champions at the NE 4-H Livestock Show I decided to try using FLICKR for the counties to down load the pictures! After editing them I had 145 to post...so of I went to getting them available. It was really easy...but I think next year I'll set up a different account and put the link in the show program so all families can access them. I also learned that I need to tag better and also document who the picture is of next year.

August 5, 2008

First Entry

This really isn't hard (so far!) Although I check several other's individual blogs I've never thought I'd be doing this, but can see some ways that it could possibly be used.