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Connecting C&I with EDPA

I’m trying to connect Joan’s integration pieces to Scott’s leadership pieces and I’m beginning to see why CASTLE is taught in both the department of Curriculum and Instruction and the department of Education Policy and Administration.

All the many classes I’ve taken in C&I, I’ve learned how to appropriately teaching with a technology can transform students learning with that technology. In EDPA I’ve discovered that leadership is not about getting people to do what you want but how to get the right system to do what it should be doing! Once you believe in technology C & I you can use the knowledge of EDPA to illicit change.

For example, a quasi-leader wants to illicit the change that every high school geometry teacher will use Sketchpad. EDPA will show me how to set foot inside the hairball that is school leadership and make change. C& I will show how and why teachers should pedagogically use Sketchpad in this manner. Because using Sketchpad in X manner is improving student learning. It’s not Sketchpad that’s doing improving learning, it’s the science of teaching with Sketchpad that needs to be rolled out to everyone., It’s not Sketchpad alone that is doing it, it’s how the teacher is using the Sketchpad that I need to communicate to the rest of my district. We should be showing how the teachers can use the technology to transform learning.