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LT, Not the Center of the Universe

We’re not the center of education world? Are you joking?!?
We would be joking ourselves if we think the learning technologies field is the ONLY field that thinks their research (passion) is what leaders should really be listened to. Think about pushes for Literacy Coordinators, Early Childhood Intervention Programs, Professional Development groups, just to name a few! Everyone thinks their particular field will transform learning. “If we just did “X?, everyone would be learning!? Reserch shows we’re not being heard and when the LT field gets the opportunity to be heard, we can easily mess up.

As Dr. Drahier warned on Monday night, many schools are making macro type innovations compared to micro type innovations? The more macro innovations that are flops, Los Angeles reading program, Waterford Early Reading Program Evaluation the less likely others will value the use of integrating technology. Technology is underrepresented at administrative and superintendent positions. Largely, I have a passion for the field of Learning Technologies and don’t want to see my field loose credibility from those that buying lots and lots of tools where no one uses or are using them ineffectively. Further, unlike some of those in power, like Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), I can determine the difference between an e-mail and the Internet. I know what is fluff and what is solid.