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Blog Prompt #2

A main social design issue that is concerning many people around the metro area is low income housing. Thousands of people are unable to afford adequate housing for themselves and their families, and people who live on minimum wage or a slightly higher salary find it impossible to afford anything besides a hotel room at a weekly rate. Unfortunately, the housing problem is affecting many families, and people are forced to live with three or four other people in a cramped, one-bedroom apartment. Financially, there is not much they are able to do, the housing market is going down, and the cost of land and to build a house is far from an option for many.
Many different aspects of this problem have to be addressed, such as where space for houses to be built is available, and how close houses can be built to people’s jobs. Unfortunately, there is not much land that is available, and if there is, it is usually sold for a high profit. The low-income class is unable to afford much, and if they are able to afford land, construction costs and the cost of supplies are far too much for people to be able to cover. Some changes need to be made because thousands of people are not getting the housing that they need while others are able to live in large houses in gated communities with their two or three person family.
People with low incomes struggle to get their bills paid every month, and can hardly stand to put any money aside into savings of any sort. The little extra money that they are able to salvage usually ends up going towards other things that they need to live day to day. A huge shortage of affordable housing exists today, and some things need to be changed in order for everyone to have a nice home.
Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that works to solve this problem. They get volunteers and people who are in need of housing to build low-income housing so there are no labor costs. This organization works to bridge the gap between high income and low income homeowners by building houses in nice, suburban neighborhoods. This way people are able to get affordable low income housing, and the cost to build the house isn’t overwhelming because it is built by volunteers and the people who will be living there. The construction materials are also usually donated and don’t put a large hole in the homeowner’s bank account.
Something needs to be done about there not being enough low income housing throughout the United States, and Habitat for Humanity is helping people not only in the metro area alone, but all over. People are expected to get by on very small wages, and with the cost of everything else going up, it’s hard for them to be able to afford a nice home. Many low income houses have been torn down to make way for large, gated communities where people live in luxury compared to others. The type of housing that is needed the most is the kind that is being torn down to make way for things that are unnecessary. The housing problem commonly goes unnoticed, especially with the amount of people that are living in luxury in America, and this issue should get more attention. There are many different aspects of building a house that people have to consider; land, construction costs, and material, and it all adds up very fast. Habitat for Humanity works to inform people of the housing problem, and to help them do something about it. Many volunteers can help build one home, and this not only helps out a single family, but it also helps out the whole community because by building a house together, they connect. The houses are also simply designed to be the most efficient.