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One way we could present our project is through a powerpoint presentation. It would be an effective way because it can show videos, pictures and text and can be colorful, and is easy to manage. Also, it would be an effective way for us to show our research and goals because it is easily organized, and can be used to get people’s attention.

Another way could be in the form of a website. It would be convenient because it would be easy to find, and could hold all different forms of media.

Another way could be in book form, that way the person who is interested in looking over our goals and research is interacting more with our work itself. Although the book form may not be able to show as much as a power point presentation (Videos…moving pictures..music…etc)

Also, we could potentially design a billboard that encompasses the problem and what we think needs to be done in order to change it. The billboard would be a cool idea because it would be large enough for people to see and it could incorporate both images and text, however it still wouldn’t be able to incorporate music or videos, and would have to be all on one page. This could help us because it would all be laid out on one big page, but it could also make it harder because it would be hard to fit everything onto on e big posterboard.