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Troubles on Wall Street

The Pioneer Press took on a different angle compared to the Star Tribune and the MN Daily on the country's financial problems. Instead of writing about the woes of Wall Street, the Pioneer Press ( interviewed a Minnesota based company that is actually doing quite well in our suffering economy. They interview General Mills and talk about how in midst of everything that is happening, they have sales rising, stocks going up, and a debt that is very much manageable. The story's purpose was to bring hope and confidence in the economy by their example. I thought it was a great white light in the middle of financial turmoil, however, I really think they should have focused more on what Washington is doing to fix the problem, and not lead people on that the economy is okay because one MN company is doing fine.

The Star Tribune focused on the new bailout bill that was proposed. (
They described the bill, and said how Democrats want to cut executive's pay to help with the company. They said the government is very generous to offer such a bill that would help so many companies since the Great Depression. Frank, D-Mass, who was leading negotiations said "By the declaration that they made, by sending this proposal, I think we have to recognize the reality that we don't have a choice now of debating whether this is a good or a bad thing," This obviously is a much different view and angle than the Pioneer Press did. In this quote, it states how things are really bad, and it’s supported by the fact that the $700 billion bailout bill is being proposed. Even President Bush is worried, saying to Congress to pass the rescue plan quickly, declaring, "The whole world is watching."

The MN Daily also did a story on Bush’s plan to solve the economy’s bad debt.
However, unlike the Star Tribune, the MN Daily just stated that Bush met at the White House to calm the financial turmoil. They just stated, “news reports said Paulson was considering having the government create an entity to take over banks' bad debt.?
They didn’t have any quotes from White House treasury secretary, Bush, big business executives, or citizens. They also ended the story with: Bush canceled his trip so he could focus on the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression. That was a pretty bold statement, I thought, to make seeing as how throughout the whole article it never once gave information about how bad the economy was, or quotes from people who are worried. All it did was state that Bush was meeting at the White House to discuss the issue, and it said nothing else. However, the Star Tribune actually went into detail about what happened at the White House and what bill was presented to Congress. It also stated the challenges our economy is facing, and I think the MN Daily did a poor job on reflecting the struggles and the actions put forth to solve the issue. Maybe they feel students won’t care about the bill, or maybe they didn’t have enough information, I’m not sure. All I know is that the two stories (MN Daily and Star Tribune) were posted on the same day. So how one story could have lots of information, while the other one is very vague about what happened at the White House is beyond me.