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Business Section

When looking for articles to read in the Business section of the New York Times, almost every story had to do with the economic crisis and everything related to it; such as the Dow dropping, financial safety, and the value of the American dollar.

Unlike the Times, The Wall Street Journal had more of a variety in the business section. It had articles about the financial crisis, but also about sales of the DTV converter boxes, the Discover card lawsuit, and the downfall of the circulation of newspapers. Overall, WSJ had a much more interesting variety of topics.

The top story for the LA Times was “Stocks slide sharply as recession worries continues.� However, their lead story was an economic crisis story, they organized the articles into groups, which I really liked. They had business blogs, a whole section on the financial crisis, global economy, small businesses, box office, and a Q & A segment. This format was much more appealing, and I think it may draw in more readers who aren’t necessarily corporate business owners. The regular reader gets to read about the economy, small businesses, stocks, movie sales, etc. What ever interests them they can access. I really like this format.

The article I read in the LA Times was about how ATM overdraft fees will rise again. This story had no business jargon, and was straight to the point. It was also a topic that almost every American can relate to since most Americans have checking and savings accounts. I liked the article because it was simple and a story many people could relate to.

I feel like a lot of news paper’s business section is very much tailored to a certain group of people, and it can be very overwhelming for the average person to understand and capture their interests.

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