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Different Photo Slide Shows

The New York Times did a photo slide show about Diane Paulus the director of the Public Theater’s revival of “Hair? in NYC. It started out with a picture of the director in a natural setting surrounded by flowers. The caption described her work very briefly. The rest of slides, excluding the last one, showed different scenes from different plays that Paulus has done. They also showed the actors in action with Paulus directing. The captions describe what’s going on in the scene and which characters the actors are playing. The last slide ended with a scene from her latest play “Hair.? The whole photo slide show was some of Paulus’ theater work, ending the slide show with her latest show she directed.


On Oprah.com, the photo slide show is called Dr. Oz’s 20-min. workout, with photos showing you how to do each move. This photo shoot is more directed towards women, showing them how to stay in shape with little time and no equipment. The whole thing emphasizes keeping your body and mind in good shape by strengthening both in his exercises. The captions also try to encourage the reader by having one sentence as an excuse saying something like, “I can’t do this because. . .? with the line underneath it stating an excuse buster saying that you can do the workout and that it’s easy!


Breaking new on People magazine online! They go through an 18 photo slide show on new mommy Jamie-Lynn Spears bargain shopping at Walmart, along with tracking where other Hollywood stars have been. Such as, Reese Witherspoon with her new boyfriend, Mariah Carey on the red carpet, and Victoria Beckhem, well basically just walking like she’s on a catwalk. Each caption just briefly describes where each of these stars are and what they’re doing.


All three media outlets obviously have a target audience that they’re trying to reach by their photo slide shows. NY Times is much more news in-depth, along with photos that appeal to NYC residents, such as the local director. All the photos and topics seemed very artistic too. The pictures captured beautiful moments and they were all very creative. Oprah’s photo slide shows obviously appeal to her target audience: women. So her main photo slide shows included, what hair style fits my face shape, 20 min. workouts, or creative Halloween ideas for your family! People magazine has pictures only containing celebrities. Where they’ve been, who they’re walking with, what they’re doing, and what they’re wearing. Because with all that’s going on in the world, we must know at any moment what bad outfit Miley Cyrus was caught wearing.