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Vice Presidential Debate

Thursday night was a very interesting and heated vice presidential debate, said was said to be one of the most watched VP debates. I wasn’t surprised by all the attention and anticipation leading up to the debates because is was sure to be good, especially with Palin’s rocky interview just days before with Katie Couric. Biden and Palin butted heads all through the debate, except when it came to gay marriage; it was the only point they both agreed on, both being against it. Although there was much coverage leading up to the debate, all the excitement and coverage kind of dwindled down after Thursday night. When I searched online for articles regarding the previous night debate, I found articles, however, the main focused headline was the economy. Rightfully so, however, it was even more difficult to find more coverage on the debate a couple days later. When searching for articles, I was surprised to find that when I searched on Google “Palin and Biden debate“, I got many links talking about Tina Fey on SNL playing Gov. Palin. I was surprised that half my results came up with debate satires. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing; are we really paying attention to the debates and the facts, or are we as a people more interested in SNL’s take on the debate.

As pointed out in a New York Times article, link: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/03/us/politics/03debate.html?_r=1&pagewanted=1&sq=vp%20debate&st=cse&scp=3&oref=slogin
Biden occasionally lost patience with Palin’s debating tactics, as when she used Biden’s words against her. Palin stressed that she and McCain are the right fit for the job, saying the people want something new and fresh. She said she was on the same level as the American people with issues such as the economy, stating, “Go to a kids’ soccer game on Saturday and turn to any parent there on the sideline and ask them, ‘How are you feeling about the economy? And I’ll betcha you’re going to hear some fear in that parent’s voice, fear regarding the few investments that some of us have in the stock market — did we just take a major hit with those investments?? She kind of took her own stance on how she lead the debate, and when in doubt would refer to her favorite subject, energy!

Biden took the stance, that if McCain became president, we would be going down the same road and same policies as Bush. Just as Obama stressed in the presidential debate, Biden reinforced the issue that John McCain’s policies are going to be the same as Bushes, and we cannot have that happen again. Things got heated towards the end of the debate, when Biden shot back against Palin, saying, “He’s not been a maverick when it comes to education — he has not supported tax cuts and significant changes for people being able to send their kids to college, he’s not been a maverick on the war. He’s not been a maverick on virtually anything that generally affects the things that people really talk about.?

One thing is for sure, it was an interesting debate that went in it’s own direction. And I’m just happy I don’t have to hear Palin say the word “maverick? again!