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December 6, 2008

Headlines: there is an art to writing a 4 word sentence.

As we discussed in class, headlines are pretty tough to write, especially with the limited space.
I wasn’t sure how difficult until we were assigned to write them. I mean they aren’t the trickiest things for me to write, but there is an art to them.

Some headlines are just dull to me and don’t capture my attention, while others are clever and creative and make me want to read the story. An example of this was observed when I went to the New York Time’s main web page. One headline that was dull to me was: Obama Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale, while an eye-pooping creative headline was: Debt Watchdogs: Tamed or Caught Napping?
The headline could be just dull because of the content of the story, but either way, when it’s dull it makes me not want to read the article.
It’s kind of sad to me that these journalists put all this time and their effort into writing a story and then no one reads it because the headline isn’t catchy enough. So, the headline is very important, and an art that should be perfected to catch the reader’s attention.