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In Honor of Valentine's day

Tonight a loving couple plans to say "I do"

Sarah Stanchfield, 31, plans to walk down the isle to the man her parents consider the right man for their daughter.

In a feature article, The Star Tribune reported Sherm Stanchfield, the brides father said, "she talked since she was a teenager about finding a nice man and getting married."

Stanchfield found the right man in Jim Lunquist, 49.

On the top of their wedding cake will be a dancing bride and groom, a tribute to the passion that brought them together.

Stanchfield and Lundquist have another thing in common according to The Star Tribune. They both have down syndrome.

Their relationship began when Stanchfield asked Lundquist to dance and to be her boyfriend, said Sharon Baer, who has provided in-home services for Lundquist for about eight years.

"He told one of the staff that it's like another part of his heart just opened up when he met her," Baer said.

“She is my soul. That is true,? Lundquist said, while holding Stanchfield's hand.

The Star Tribune reported Lundquist realized Stanchfield was the woman he wanted to marry after he traveled to Denmark with Lifeworks, a nonprofit organization based in Eagan that helped both Lundquist and Stanchfield find job in late 2005. Lundquist yearned for his girlfriend and belived the trip was making him a man. Upon his arrival he got down on his knee and proposed to Stanchfield, without consulting anyone. Lundquist said yes.

The couple will face challenges due to their disability. However, Mary Gaash, who counseled the couple, said the couple had answer to every challenge presented to them and that the marriage could be good for them since they will be joining their abilities.

Experts agree said The Star Tribune, it is not uncommon for people with Down Syndrome to form companionships and that with the right support systems couples may benefit.

In a ceremony attended by family and friends, the couple will celebrate Valentine's Day by saying "I do."