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Spot and Follows

The Star Tribune has printed multiple stories on the bus crash in Southern Minnesota which resulted in 4 student's deaths.

The Associated Press released stories similar to the Star Tribune's. Although it was a local story it since it was also given national coverage. AP reported initially on the tragedy and also did follow ups, including a follow up on the woman charged with four counts of criminal vehicular homicide and two lesser charges, for hitting the bus after she failed to stop at a stop sign.

The Star Tribune printed a similar follow up. However, the Tribune followed up the story today in an opinion piece on how the bus tragedy has turned into a political tragedy.

The Tribune's story on the woman charged in relation to the bus crash, focused on the information surrounding the woman and the consequences she would face. This was a follow up to the original story, which focused on the details of the crash and the student's family and friends mourning.

The original story's lead focuses on the tragedy of the deaths, while the first follow up story's lead focuses on the mystery surrounding the woman involved.

The opinion piece advanced both leads by putting the tragedy into perspective locally. It combines the leads of the first and second story and shows the implications they have.