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What Do Men and Shoes Have in Common?

"I imagine myself trying on this pair of shoes [Miu Miu's] and walking deftly out the door, a woman who knows how to pull off a fashion statement and never, ever falls for a heel in a suit and tie." -from "Heel, Girl! by Daphne Merkin

The New York Times Style Magazine printed a insightful, yet hilarious, article on the parallels between jerks and shoes. Daphne Merkin has the answers to why women are allured both to high heels (as in the shoes) and male heels (as in the jerks).

Heels, in the male sense, are not poseurs. Heels understand women and like the footwear they resemble they have elevated proportions of initial appeal, they suggest endless foreplay, and they make you feel good. Unfortunately for both, the initial appeal tends to wear out with the wearing.

To see Daphne Merkin's quirky article click here.