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68 citations: Not enough to keep off the road.

Court records show a persisiting problem in Minnesota is illegal drivers staying on the roads even after repeated convictions, fines, jail stays and court orders not to drive, despite attempts to confront and reform such drivers.

In Minnesota 14,091 people have been cited for five or more times because the either do not have a liscense or have had it withdrawn and more than 500 have been cited 14 or more times, according to the Star Tribune analysis of state traffic records..

Police often catch people who are driving without a liscense, however the penalty is the same in most cases, no matter what number offense it is and the repeat offenders are difficult to keep off the road, the paper reported.

In some cases, iot appears the only time offenders are not driving is when they are locked up said police, court officials and others.

James Monroe Crumble is part of the problem and does not belong behind the wheel of a car yet that is where police contunually find him, said the Star Tribune. Last Sunday, he was cited in North Minneapolis for the 68 time the paper reported.

"They are coming in over and over again, said John Choi, a St. Paul attorney whose office has repeatedly prosecuted Crumble, to The Star Tribune.

Many of the offenders seem to get into a vicious cycle they cannot get out of and ignore what the courts say, since they see their own need as "paramount," said Gregory Pye, senior commander for traffic enforcement in the St. Paul Police Department.

Often offenders don't have much money, so the fines, reinstatement fees and insurance problems multiply, even people who want to become legal drivers may find it hard to get out of the cycle, Moi said.

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