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Monticello basketball player awakens in hospital after heart attack

A Monticello high school basketball player who suffered a heart attack, awoke Sunday afternoon at North Memorial Medical Center from an induced coma and his first question was whether his team had won the Friday game he collapsed during, reported the Star Tribune.

Adam Thielen awoke and was able speak to his family and friends after his body was rewarmed to a normal 98.6 degrees and the coma-inducing drugs were removed, the paper reported.

The Tribunes original article reported starting center Adam Thielen, came off the court as part of the normal player roation, five minutes after the game against Rogers had started according to the Monticello basketball coach, Bruce Blader-Lanoue. two minutes later, he collapsed from the bench and "then he just sprawled onto the court," he said.

A fireman and paramedic attending the game used the schools portable definrillator twice to restart his heart, school officials said.

A ambulance crew repeated the treatment on the way to the hospital, Thielen said.

The Friday game was the annual senior night had honored Thielen as the only senior on the team. Thielen who is known by his friend's as "A.T." collapsed during the game declared "A.T. Night."

The Tribune reported the Thielen family gave thanks for the prayers and support on the www.caringbridge.org
website and under the request asked for no vistors so Thielen could rest and prepare for tests in the next few days.