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Prince Harry Comes Home After His Presence in Afghanistan Revealed

An attempt to keep Prince Harry's presence in Afghanistan out of the British press for the protection of the prince and his fellow soldiers, was undone when Matt Drudge plastered the secret Thursday in an oversize font on his popular website, The Drudge Report, The New York Times reported.

Bob Satchwell, who had brokered the top secret agreement, was informed by a collegue and knew the press blackout would not hold any longer, meaning immediate action had to be taken, the paper reported.

On Friday the defense Ministry announced the third-in-line to the British throne would be returning home, despite the expectation for him to stay for a few more weeks with his Household Calvary Regiment Battlegroup unit because it was too risky for him to stay there, the NY Times reported.

Despite the media perception that newspapers and broadcasts as cutthroat, sensationalistic and anti-authoritarian, the NY Times brough to attention that hundreds of British journalist kep the deployment secret for close to three months.

However, in a stark contrast to the responsible attitude U.K journalist adopted, foreign websites did not the paper reported Gen. Sir Richard Dannat, chief of the General staff of the British Army said. Dannat said he was dissapointed in the foreign websites that printed prince Harry's wherebouts without permission.

Although Matt Drudge was not the first to report the news- Bild, a German newspaper ran a brief story on Jan. 7- he labeled the story a "world exclusive" and labeled the prince, "Harry the Hero," the NY Times said. Drudge teased his readers at Thursday morning with an all-capitialized alert: "Dramatic moment in war from UK," which he changed to "Prince Harry Fights On Frontlines In Afghanistan; 3 Month Tour," about 30 minutes later, they also reported.

British journalists have now unleashed into the public domain all the material they had been saving for later, including interviews and video scenes of Prince Harry discussing his deployment, wearing fatigues and firing his machine gun, said the NY Times.