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Charleton Heston dead at 84

Charelton Heston, an epic film star and voice of the National Rifle Association died Saturday night at home in Beverly Hills, Calif. He was 84. (The New York Times in their original article said he was 83).

The man who was known for his "monumental, jut-jawed" potrayals of Moses, ben-Hur and Michelangelo was diagnosed with nuerological sysmtoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease in 2002, but itis unconfirmed what caused Heston's death.

Heston was a fighter all the way up to his death. "I'm neither giving up or giving in," the New York Times reported he said.

Heston's acting career took off in 1956 when he stared as a Moses to remeber in three and half hours long movie, "The Ten Commandments."

Throughout his life Heston became known as a great actor and starred in many other classics and hits, Including "Touch of Evil," in which he played a Mexican narcotics officer, "Planet of the Apes," in which he played an astornaut marooned on a desolute planet, "the Agony and the Ecstacy," in which he plays Michelangelo, and "Ben-Hur, in which he played the prince of ancient Judea who rebels against the rule of Rome. "Ben-Hur" went on to win the record number of Academy Awards at that time- 11, including best actor for Heston.

Heston was also known as a staunch opponent of guncontrol and effective spokesman for the National Rifle Association, which he was elected president of in 1998. In Mr. Heston, the N.R.A. found its embodiment of pioneer values — pride, independence and valor, the New York Times said.

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