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"In the Projects, Hope and Hard Knocks." By Emily Brady for the New York Times.

This article printed in the New York Times Sunday which focused on the Cypress Hill area in the projects of New York.

The article opened with - "IN 1991, the high crime rate at the Cypress Hills Houses in East New York, Brooklyn, made it the perfect setting for Mayor David Dinkins to announce a crackdown on illegal guns. It was a little too perfect, in fact. As the mayor spoke, shots rang out a block and a half away. People in the crowd screamed, some started to run and others ducked for cover. No one was injured, but the story added another chapter to the rough reputation of Cypress Hills."

The point of the article was to move passed the stereotype and expored what is whas like to live in Cypress Hill from the perspective of members of the community like the mayor, as senior citizen, a mother, and a teenage boy.

"Everybody wants to live in a good neighborhood,? the article reported Efrain Garcia, a 19-year-old who lives in Cypress Hill said. “It’s the American Dream,? he said.

This quote, along with a number of others help bring character to the story and move past the satistics and danger that plague the projects.

In addition, the story gives descriptions of the characters and the enviorment, allowing the reader to visualize the story and connect to it.