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Everyone's doing it and that's the problem?

The Star Tribune reported Saturday a recent study found that 25 percent of 14- to 19-year-old on a national level have at least one of the four common sexually transmitted diseases and Minnesota's "enlighted" soulution is to push more sex education, counseling and treatment.

The Minnesota Legislature has recently considered more tax-funded initiatives such as a $1.3 million bill for screening and public education, reported the Tribune.

However, Katherine Kersten of the Tribune said in a article Saturday the real reason for the epidemic is being ignored- too many children are having sex too soon.

"Try mentioning this at your next dinner party or parents meeting at school, and watch the eyes roll. What 1950s TV rerun are you living in? Sure, a little abstinence education never hurt anyone, the common wisdom goes, but we all know -- wink, wink -- that kids are going to 'do it'," she wrote.

The article focused on the myths of youth sex. For example, the liberation of sex is often a untrue cliche for youth and that young women are as eager to have sex as men.

The article cites the expierences of Shalom Ross, an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Minnesota, who has chosen abstinence and claims the adults placed in authority of her education are undercutting her and other young people who have "opted for sexual-discipline and true love." She says the safe sex message to students has an underlying message that sex is inevitable.

Kersten article also highlighted unnamed research that has confirmed premarital sex puts young women at significant risk, not only for pregnancy and STDs, but also related problems like infertility and emotional risks. The apparently opinionated Ross said one of the emotional risks is "the feeling of worthlessness that comes from being around the block a few times."

An interesting finding of the article was monogmous married women were the most sexually satisfied according to Kersten. The findings of this research were not given, but if true could show that the most erotic sex might be sex with commitment.

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