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Frightened Victims Call 911 while SUV sinks into St. Coix River

In follow up articles Wednesday, the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press reported on the coditions of the 4 people riding in a SUV , who plunged into the St. Croix River Sunday.

The Pioneer Press gave a brief update on the conditions of the individuals.

According two the Pioneer Press, Kalaiselvi Vijayakumar, 25, was still listed in critical condition at Regions Hospital in St. Paul; Deepa Vellusamy, 25, remained in serious condition, as of Wednsday. Rohini Krishnamurthy, 27, of Minneapolis, died Tuesday afternoon at Regions; Mohanraj Pothiraj, 28, of Edina, died Monday morning. The official cause of death for both was complications from hypothermia and near drowning, said Don Gorrie, a spokesman for the Ramsey County medical examiner's office, the paper reported.

The Star Tribune feature a more in-depth article but reported the death toll at only one, Pothiraj, the driver of the car. The Star Tribune focused on the story of the 911 calls placed while the car was sinking.

Pothiraj called the Washington dispatcher, panicked and begging someone to rescue them, a little before, 10 p.m., the Tribune reported.

"I'm going to die in here," Pothiraj finally said, seconds before the Washington County dispatcher heard pounding and then lost phone contact the Tribune reported.

The Tribune reported that according to the 911 transcript released Monday Pothiraj also told the dispathcher. "We don't know swimming," And then crying said, "Yeah, our car is going to sink now." Toward the end of the six-minute call he said, "We are going to drown."

A women in the vehicle placed another 911 call after, and minutes after the vehicle sank Stlllwater police and rescurs were on the scene to get the passengers out of the car, the Tribune reported.

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