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Wheelchair bandit gets away

A man in a wheelchair robs a bank. Sounds like a bizarre plot in a comedy- but it's true.

The Associated Press reported police from a Palo Alto, Calif. are looking for a bank robber who's getaway vehicle was an electric wheelchair. According to the AP police said an elderly man with gray hair and a beard held up a Wachovia Bank Branch at a local shopping center Thursday afternoon armed with a black handgun.

The man was last seen wheeling down a street and headed toards a major thoroughfare said the AP.

Reports on witness accounts indicated the man's leg were wrapped in bandages and his right leg was sticking straight out when he left. It was unclear investigators told the AP as of Friday if the wheelchair was a prop or whether the suspect is truely disabled.

A van may have been involved.

A local paper, The Mercury News, reported today the search for the "wheelchair bandit" is still ongoing and a police sketch has been released.