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Years to Recover-- imagine that.

The Australian woman and children held captive in a cellar for years by their incestuous father will take years to recover from their disturbing ordeal, doctors warned Wednesday as the family at the center of the case remained in psychiatric care, but were in good condition considering the senerio, reported CNN April 30.

The exact condition, JosefFritzl, kept his daughter Elisabeth was revealed in an article by the Daily Mail, which was highlighted on The Drudge Report today.

Elisabeth Fritzl was forced to help build the dungeon where she was kept by her sadistic father Josef, it emerged yesterday, the article reported.

One of the chambers, she was forced to dug by hand, was used as a punishment area and Fritzl would take his daughter there and rape her.

Elisabeth gave birth to 6 of Joseph children. Kerstin, 19, Stefan, 18, and six-year- old Felix, lived underground with her. Their siblings Lisa, 16, Monika, 14 and 12-year-old Alexander lived a 'normal' life upstairs, the article said.

The article also reports Josef, now 73, could escape justice by pleading insanity. A team of psychiatrists are due to examine him today at St Poelten Prison, after which he is expected to be officially sectioned.

Fritzl is facing charges of rape, incest and kidnap, according to the report.

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