Effects of Visual Stimuli Pre-Exposure on a Memory Task

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Memory-Game-Final.jpgI did a study in one of my psychology courses I took. The purpose of the study was to see if there was anything you could do prior to a memory task, that would improve performance on that memory task. In other words, if participants were pre-exposed to pictures that they would later be tested on in a memory matching game, would they do a better job at completing the memory game if they were not pre-exposed. Participants were randomly selected and asked to participate in the classic memory matching game. They were either shown the images that were going to be in the matching game, or they were not. The number of turns needed to complete the game were recorded. The pre-exposed group was compared to the non-pre-exposed group to see if there were any differences. The results did not support my hypothesis. Some possible reasons why it was not supported was the design of the test was a between-subjects design when it may have been preferable to do a within-subjects design. In a within-subjects design, the same participant would have taken a test without being pre-exposed then taking a test being pre-exposed. The differences might have found a significant difference. Individuals are different than groups. Another possible reason was that the task itself was too easy. The number of pairs was 8, it may have supported our hypothesis with a harder test, such as 16 pairs.

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